Talent sprawl commercial establishment. (TASPCO) was established in 2007, as a general TRADING and 
contracting services provider, focused towards serving the industrial sector companies in Saudi Arabia. Eventually, 
the Company developed a strong emphasis on its range of timber products as its primary BUSINESS line, and 
adopted “TASPCO” as its trading identity.
More recently, Taspco began leveraging its TRADING PLATFORM and infrastructure in order to expand into new 
business verticals, and accordingly underwent an overhauling of its corporate identity in 2008. This strategy resulted 
in a rebranding exercise to “Talent sprawl commercial establishment” for more accurately reflecting its expanded portfolio of activities across 
multiple business sectors.
Today, with eight years of experience as a business leader in regional trading; Taspco has developed a strong and 
impeccable brand reputation for quality products and services delivery. Also, Taspco has further broadened its scope 
to service a wider client base that operates in the Kingdom’s growing sectors of OIL & Gas, Construction, Power, 
and Technology Solutions. In addition to its traditional range of timber products, Taspco now provides a diverse but 
unique cross-section of Oil & Gas Solutions, Building Materials, Construction Chemicals,  Systems,  , and a variety of 
other Solutions; through its exclusive Distribution  with reputable multinational vendors and major international 
manufacturing companies.
Taspco’s vision is to be a leading provider of reliable value-added solutions for GCC growth. We will deliver this 
vision by partnering with niche providers offering unique quality products and services, and by delivering high caliber 
technical expertise and after sales service on the ground.