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Who we are

Talent Sprawl Trading Company

Talent Sprawl Trading Company, an ISO certified company, founded in 2007, has offices and operations in all over Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Distributors of variety of products for Oil & Gas, Marine, Onshore & Offshore Industries, and Petrochemicals under certified brands.


Operating in the following domains: Marine, Offshore & Drilling, Oil & Gas, Fire Safety Systems and Building Materials.

Talent sprawl trading company Est.

Talent Sprawl Trading Company Est.  TASPCO is a division of the famous TASPCO   Trading, established in 2007 keeping in mind the market dynamics and increasing Demands for quality products in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia catering to major industrial segments that include Marine, Oil & Gas, Power, Construction and other Industrial establishments.

Today with years of experience as a business leader in regional trading TASPCO has developed a strong and impeccable brand reputation for quality product and service delivery. Also, TASPCO has further broadened its scope to service a wider client base that operates in the kingdom’s grooving sectors of Marine, Oil and Gas, Construction, Power, and Technology. TASPCO provides a diverse but unique solution to cross –section of Marine, Oil &Gas, Building materials, and Construction Industry through its exclusive distribution channel with reputable multinational vendors and major international manufacturing companies.

TASPCO is a registered vendor with Saudi Aramco having a vendor id: 10063857

  • To be the most trusted Customer-Centric supplier in the Oil & Gas, Marine, Petrochemical industry. 
  • Strive to continuously earn our customers’ trust and strengthen to provide the highest quality products.,
  • Pursuing the best quality product that always exceeds customer expectations,
  • Providing our customers with high-quality punctual, speedy, reliable service.

We deliver our vision by:

  • Reinforcing our commitment to safety, quality and operational excellence.
  • Providing reliable, professional and innovative services to our customers.
  • Establishing long-term relationships with our customers.
  • Providing safe, healthy and secure work environments and rewarding career paths.

TASPCO will continue to improve based on the latest developments in the industry and focus on customer needs and deliver services that exceed expectations. TASPCO will be identifying products that contribute to the customer’s business through self-innovation and creativity. We will focus on customer needs well and deliver satisfaction that exceeds expectations. Our customers being a trusted partner and a driving force behind the development of our company. Our mission is to be the leading provider of sustainable solutions and our customers’ partner of choice.


Customer Satisfaction

Chairman’s Message

We are most grateful to your continuous business and support to TASPCO. We have dedicated ourselves to providing global and sophisticated products to the Oil & Gas, Marine & Petrochemical industry. We know too well that only innovation can prepare us for the better service beyond the expectation of customers.

Integrity is given the first priority; we endeavor to be honest in whatever we do and whoever we deal with. We require mutual respect, give care to society, and take delight in work. In the face of rapid changes in the business environment and in our customer’s request, we provide our customers with multiple choices solutions. In addition, we are continuously using new information technology, upgrading computer systems, unifying the relevant information, and modifying the working process to provide fast and reliable response to our customers’ requests. We plan to provide electronic service to our customers and promote our working quality and quantity as well. We promise to provide customers with high-quality service. We always put top priority on customers’ satisfaction and promise that we will provide customers with the best services beyond expectations. We dearly request customers for their continuous patronage and support.

Innovative Thought, Innovative Processes, Innovative Service can only prepare us for the better service beyond the expectation of customers. Creative thinking is the key to the best service. TASPCO will keep pursuing the best quality that always exceeds customer expectations and we will continue to grow with a new paradigm.

We would highly appreciate your support and wish full of happiness and good health in you and your family.

Thank You,

Moneer Kazim Saleh Almarhoon

Chairman, Talent Sprawl Trading Company (TASPCO)

Only the Best


Key Local Distributors

TASPCO  Operates As One Of The Key Local Distributors Within The Industry Through Reliable And Durable Agencies Of World-class Manufacturers. 

Total Solution Under One Roof

TASPCO Is Professionally Structured And Equipped To Meet The Challenges In Providing A Total Solution Fueled By The Growing Demands For High Quality Requirements.

Ready To  Dispatch Any Time In The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

Our Large Stock Of Materials Consisting Of Navigation & Communication Equipment, Gas Detection, Deck Equipment, Lubricants, Dope Compounds, Valves & Rings Gasket And Safety Equipment Are Always Ready To Be Dispatched To Our Client’s Location In The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia.

Our 6 Core Values

Our values represent what we stand for and what we believe in. They help us to connect with customers and position us in the market.


  • Appreciating every individual’s contribution
  • Working as one team to meet our goals and objectives.


  • Setting our standards to be best-in-class in all our actions
  • Approaching every challenge positively and professionally


  • Being honest in our actions
  • Honoring our commitments and delivering on our promises.


  • Respecting, listening and learning from others.
  • Celebrating our successes and learning from our failures.


  • Committing wholeheartedly to our goals and objectives.
  • Always going the extra mile, as individuals, for the Company and for our customers.


  • Being proactive and transparent on development issues
  • Embracing change and recognizing that there will be constant challenges ahead.

TASPCO Objectives:


Our People:

  • Build long-term relationships,
  • Are always accessible for our customers 
  • Have a service-minded attitude,
  • Make it easier for our customers

Our approach is to:

  • Be creative and flexible
  • Provide reliable services
  • Focus on obtaining competitive costs
  • Be easy to do business with